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About Me

I’m Aleks Robinson, the mastermind (using the term lightly) behind this culinary chaos. Some say cooking is an art, some say it’s a science, and I say it’s an opportunity to question all my life choices while I scrub burnt sauce off a pan at 2 AM.

My Journey

It began with a passion for eating and a less impressive skill for cooking. 

Once I noticed that food was more enjoyable when others made it, I took action.

Around the World in 80 Plates

Around the World in 80 Plates

Diverse cuisines from around the globe, sampling traditional dishes and culinary secrets from different countries.

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Classic Recipes

Celebrates timeless dishes that have stood the test of time, offering step-by-step guides to recreate beloved recipes from various cultures.

Kitchen Disasters

Kitchen Disasters

Humorous and educational stories of cooking gone wrong, offering lessons learned and advice on how to avoid common kitchen mishaps.

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The Cutting Board

Focuses on fresh ingredients and healthy eating, providing recipes and tips for nutritious meals suitable for any level of cooking skill.

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